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Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, South Korea

MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(day)
SF ExpressTWD 300TWD 20002 - 4
Chunghwa PostTWD 200TWD 12007 - 14

Hong Kong, Macao

MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(Day)
SF ExpressTWD 80TWD 8002 - 3


MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(Day)
SF ExpressTWD 100TWD 10003 - 4


MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(Day)
EMSTWD 400TWD 25002-3

Asia (Not the above countries)

MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(day)
EMSTWD 400TWD 25003 - 5
Chunghwa PostTWD 300TWD 20007 - 14

USA,  Canada

MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(day)
EMSTWD 650TWD 60004 - 5
Chunghwa PostTWD 200TWD 120010 - 14


MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(day)
EMSTWD 500TWD 30004-6
Chunghwa PostTWD 300TWD 200010 - 13

New Zealand, Australia

MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(day)
EMSTWD 550TWD 30004 - 6
Chunghwa PostTWD 300TWD 200010 - 13

Other countries

MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(day)
EMSTWD 600TWD 30006 - 7
Chunghwa PostTWD 450TWD 300010 - 14


MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(Day)
Convenience store pick-upTWD 60TWD 8002 - 3
Maple Logistics ExpressTWD 60TWD 8002 - 3
Taiwan Pelican ExpressTWD 80TWD 8002 - 3

Penghu, Kinmen, Matsu

MethodShipping FeeFree ShippingTime(Day)
Cunghwa PostTWD 60TWD 8004 - .6

In-store pickup (Free Shipping)

Taipei Ximen

No. 183-1, Xining S. Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City 108, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Business hours:
Mon-Sun 12:00~23:30



  • After the order is established. Package will ship in D+2 business days .If your order item is out of stock,we will notify separately.
  • MetroMaleWear(M2W) :Shipping from South Korea,Package will ship in D+5~10 business days .
  • Business Day:Week Day- Monday to Friday.
    (Except National holidays)
  • Suspend shipment :Encounter force majeure such as  weather,typhoon,earthquake, etc.
    Mainly on the annouce of office closures by Directorate-General of Personnel Administration.
  • Overseas, offshore islands of Taiwan products delivery time may be changed due to flight ,ship schedule adjustment.
  • If you miss pick up item by "Convenience store pick-up" over 2 times. Next order CANNOT use ''Cash on delivery",you must finish Swipe or Transfer.
  • Air parcels sent refers to all the major cities, from the date of receipt of mailing, free of customs examination time.
  • The projected arrival times are tabulated for reference only.
  • According to Article 22 of the “Order of the Customs General Administration of the Peoples’ Republic of China”,Per said requirements, the addressee of the express consignments of the individual articles category shall provide the express service provider with copy both sides of your Republic of China ID cards . After the order,email both sides of your ID cards to:info@bodyformula.asia with Indicate the order number Thank you !
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