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Get your inner kink all over, or rather overall…

Obsessive desirability can be found with this unique leatherette-like Overalls

Unique fabric & design, means you can wear this at any time of the day or night, from a day-Folsom event, straight to the night-club!

How to wear?  With completely nothing underneath… or any way you want to!

Shoulder straps connect to large AD-logo metal studs that click the shoulder straps into place… meaning one strap can be worn up, and one down if you choose. This allows you to create a super-sexy visual appearance.

Singular front chest large pocket.

Two substantial side pockets.

Two rear bum-area pockets

The two side pockets each have dual AD-logo metal studs, which allow a greater opening to be created – you decide how much skin to show off, or for easy access!

Faux waist & front zipper area – all creating an image of real jeans Overalls.

Belt buckle loops so that a belt can be added as well.

Front ADDICTED silicone label in a vertical position.

Large rear AD-logo silicone label

All metal studs & adjustable sliders are done in a dark-colour finish

92% Polyester – 8% Elastane

Proudly Designed & Made in Barcelona

Addicted was founded in 2009 in Barcelona, dedicating itself to the design, manufacturing and sale of men’s swimwear. In a fairly short amount of time, the brand experienced rapid growth, aided by the success of the premier brand: ES Collection.
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