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  1. 5/25-6/4 AD.ES預購|服飾/配件/其他 一律7折

Change is as good as a holiday!

Change up your outfits, with this 2-IN-1 Removable Overalls!

You can wear this as a complete overall, or use the hidden, dual zips - front & back - to take off the top part, leaving a stunning pair of stand-alone shorts!

Shoulder straps with adjustable metal slides to give you the perfect fit.

Shoulder straps connect to large AD-logo metal studs that click the shoulder straps into place… meaning one strap can be worn up, and one down if you choose. This allows you to create a super-sexy appearance.

Singular front chest large pocket.

Two substantial side pockets.

Two rear bum-area pockets

The two side pockets each have dual AD-logo metal studs, which allow a greater opening to be created – you decide how much skin to show off, or for easy access!

Belt buckle loops all around so that you can incorporate a belt as well.

Shorts have a turn-up hem, giving that extra jean-shorts design style.

Front ADDICTED silicone label – stylish placed in a vertical position.

Large rear AD-logo silicone label on shorts section

All metal studs & adjustable sliders are done in stunning gun-metal grey colour finish.

Made from Cotton – breathable, smooth to the skin and super-easy to wash.

97% Cotton – 3% Elastane.

Proudly Designed & Made in Barcelona

※本商品係ES ADDICTED正式授權販售之公司貨,請消費者放心購買。

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