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71Beams | Palm Pad With Wristwrap


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$ 26.35


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This weight lifting grip is made of original neoprene which is very durable.
It has a cushion to protect your hands and assist you to lift heavier than ever.
The open stretch back provides flexibility and ventilation free.
Velcro Fasten Wrist Wrap Straps for easy take off.
Easy to clean, washable and air dry only,
do not put in direct sunlight for a long period of time.

Professional fitness equipment , fitness equipment born for training, is the best equipment choice for every fitness person
High performance High quality
It is the core requirement of 71Beams to allow trainers to operate the equipment more safely and to make their movements more precise and in place during the fitness process!
Strengthen the connection between protective gear, athletes, and equipment, and strive to integrate fashion and function into products, so that wearing 71Beams is not only safe and comfortable, but also combines fitness with life.
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